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Unako House – Dang, Nepal

Unako House – Dang, Nepal,

Unako House – Dang, Nepal

During 2014, Riverside Energy Systems had the privilege of volunteering with Creating Possibilities, Nepal; International Women’s Education Network, Kelowna BC, and Developing World Connections, Kamloops BC to design and help install an off-grid power system for Unako House. Creating Possibilities works to free young women from bonded labor, re-unite them with their families, and provide educational opportunities that will be life changing. Unako House is a central community centre supporting CP’s work in the Dang area of Nepal.

Electrical supply is provided by 10 kW of root top solar PV, a 48 Volt sealed battery system, and 8.6 kW of inverter capacity. Excellent solar resource along with high solar charging capacity allows this off-grid system to operate well without need for backup generation.

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